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High level of guarantees

In Ormaki, we have developed, with the firm intention of providing a high level of guarantees on the safety of the food that we handle, a systematic preventive process to guarantee the food safety based on a logical and objective form. This process is known as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP.

First, we analyze the potential physicists, chemical and biological dangerous risks for the consumer that can appear in every stage of our process and then we establish a series of preventive measures tending to avoid them.

Identify and evaluate the risks

Taking into a count the raw material, the intrinsic factors of the product, the design of the process, the machines or equipments of production, the personnel, the packing, the storage, the distribution and the pre-requirements, we establish the points in which we must realize an more exhaustive control to achieve the product safety. We call them Points of Control Critics or PCC and over them we lay down the critical limits of the control measures like temperature or maximum concentration.

Correct the deviations

Once the critical control points and their limits have been determined, we establish what actions we must realize to make us know when the process works under the conditions previously we have fixed and therefore it is under control, establishing, in addition, the frequency of vigilance, that means, every how much time it must be verified, and who must realize this supervision or vigilance.

When the system of vigilance detects that a PCC is not under control , we make actions such as the destruction or the rectification of the product in order to correct the deviations. Those actions will return the process to the normality and this way we will be able to work under sure conditions.

Our quality system documentary brings together the procedures and entry done as a result of these principles and their application. It is here where the PCC systems and the established norm are one.